Friday, March 2, 2012

so, what have we protected?...

bjd - arkaroola june 2010 - l ridge top tour ay
Spectacular: the view to the Mawson Plateau across Yudnamutana Gorge from Siller's Lookout, the outward-bound terminus of the famous Ridgetop Tour

It's with great pleasure that I post this short, non-comprehensive tour of the new Arkaroola Protection Area.

Our campaign to save the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary from the mining industry has tended to focus on those areas that were most at risk; the direct target zones for mineral exploration.

But the new bill has protected the overwhelming bulk of the sanctuary, including those sections of the Mawson Plateau both in Arkaroola itself and on the adjacent Mount Freeling station.

After 180mm of rain in 2 days earlier this week shortly - when the roads are re-opened - there's never going to be a better time to visit Arkaroola!

Here's why -

bjd - arkaroola april 2010 - la nooldoonooldoona ai

Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole on the Bolla Bollana Creek.

mawson plateau - sept 2011 - bq

The T-junction Waterhole on the magnificent Mawson Plateau.

arkaroola 2011 - c acacia ridge aq

Taking in the view back towards Mount Painter and the heart of the sanctuary from the Acacia Ridge walk.

bjd - arkaroola april 2010 - g barraranna gorge ab

Barraranna Gorge: this freshwater crayfish or marron (Cherax albidus) lifts a riverstone with its pincers and mouth-parts while excavating its home.

arkaroola 2011 - g yudnamutana ad

Rocky walls tower above a side creek in the Yudnamutana Gorge.

bjd - arkaroola april 2010 - dc paralana ac

The lush outlet creek of the Paralana Hot Springs.

bjd - arkaroola june 2010 - h bolla bollana af

Botanising at the Bolla Bollana Waterhole.

arkaroola 2011 - d road to paralana ab

The spirit of the inland - a striking gum-barked coolibah (Eucalyptus intertexta) against red cliffs above Stubbs Waterhole.

arkaroola 2011 - j east painter bh

Following an old access track deep in the East Painter Gorge.

arkaroola 2011 - a nooldoonooldoona aq

I saw a frog! Downstream from the Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole.

bjd - arkaroola june 2010 - h wheal turner ap

The western edge of the ranges from a ridge above the old Wheal Turner mine works.

mawson plateau - sept 2011 - dr

Wilderness hiking on the remote Mawson Plateau.

bjd - arkaroola june 2010 - h bolla bollana ax

Euro (Macropus robustus) in saltbush country near the Bolla Bollana Creek.

mawson plateau - sept 2011 - do

Idyllic wilderness camp site on the Mawson Plateau.

arkaroola 2011 - c acacia ridge bg

Descending towards the Arkaroola Village on the Acacia Ridge trail.

And that's not-nearly all! For more view the Best of Arkaroola slideshow:

Or why not just visit the newly fully protected sanctuary yourself? You know you want to!...


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  1. Congratulations, Bill and everybody involved in the long campaign to get it protected.
    You must be very proud, and pleased to be able to write this Post.
    Denis Wilson


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