Monday, June 11, 2012

we did it - time to celebrate!

we did it! by liam.jon_d, on Flickr
The Arkaroola victory - the T-Shirt!

Yes, we won! So the time has come for a celebration...

If you wrote or emailed to a politician of a newspaper, made a phone call, dressed up as a cowboy, handed out leaflets, made a submission on 'Seeking a Balance', or any of the dozens of other things, small and large, that go into making a campaign - any or all of the above - this is your victory too!

The celebration will be held on Sunday 1st July at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232-238 Waymouth Street, Adelaide (see below), from 4pm to 10pm .

Performances by:
  • Tealight, a duo from Adelaide dedicated to playing songs that made the 40s and 50s the "golden era" of music.
  • The Wandering Minstrels, with guitar, mandolin, harmonica, rhythm box and harmonies divine. The acoustic roots duo have an energetic and capturing stage presence with lyrics to inspire your consciousness!
  • Abbey Howlett, draws endless inspiration from her surroundings, with jazz, soul and blues styling’s driving her totally unique and earthy tone. Her voice is big and her stage presence, powerful!
  • Minority Tradition, songs give breath to hope in a world of chaos and misunderstanding. Optimistic, uplifting and beautiful.
  • Johnny McIntyre has a style and sound of old folk/blues and brings to your ears a reminiscent taste of early rock’n’roll recordings. His song structures explore storytelling through clever use of dynamics, layered guitars and sharp lyrics.
There will also be a BBQ, raffle and twister game with a difference.
Marg Sprigg will be travelling from Arkaroola to join the celebration.
Entry by donation.

This is a great achievement, and it's certainly worth celebrating your part in it.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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