Saturday, January 19, 2008

What would Dave say, Mike?

mike rann and david suzuki - what would dave say about the mine, mike? - link to my 'Arkaroola  - would U mine it?' set on flickr This is a picture of Big Mike Rann, and his mate Big Dave Suzuki, at the launch of the Youth Conservation Corps - a very successful state government youth environment initiative - in 2003.

Rann and Suzuki are friends, and I have little doubt that if Mike were to ask Dave what he should do about Marathon Resources' exploration activities in the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, Dave would reply that they should be halted ASAP, and that Mike should declare that no company should be allowed to mine such an ecologically important reserve.

I could perhaps contact David Suzuki to confirm that this is indeed what he'd advise his friend, but I reckon I need not disturb such a busy man... Mike, just ask any South Australian you meet what they think.

When even such conservative figures as Senator Minchin, Ian Plimer, and Martin Hamilton-Smith are appalled that mining the sanctuary could even be considered you must be aware that the environmental credibility of your entire government is at stake.

Much was promised by, and expected from, your 'progressive' Labor government, but this potential seems to have become subsumed by business-as-usual infrastructure projects and an unsceptical embrace of the mining boom.

I very rarely agree with Senator Minchin, but he's right: we really don't need to assault pristine areas like Arkaroola in order to expand out minerals sector.

Saying that mining companies need to lift their game (Advertiser 19-01-08) is not enough - Marathon needs to be run off the field now!

If you'd like to tell Mike what you think, you can always drop him a line - or ring his office: remember it doesn't have to be hyper-detailed or long-winded, it just has to be polite and on his desk! -

The Premier The Hon. Mike Rann

Phone: 8463 3166
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