Saturday, November 3, 2007

Walk - and Vote - Against Warming!

Walk Against Warming 2007 - link to the WAW website

Now is a critical time to let the next Australian Government know that we want to see the issue of climate change taken seriously!

So, on Sunday the 11th of November please join us for the Walk Against Warming - in Adelaide we assemble in Victoria Square at 12.30pm, and walk to Elder Park.

For further details and information on regional and interstate marches please visit

We can ill afford another term of biological ignorance at the federal level

We particularly cannot afford to have the party of a man who will actually go down in history as one of the major obstacles to effectively dealing with the contemporary world's greatest environmental crisis having a strangehold on the senate

I have no idea why anyone would vote for 3 more years of brown coal and eroding awards! But, whatever you do, please don't vote for the Liberals in the Senate!

responsibility for election comment is taken by bill doyle, largs bay

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