Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Arkaroola back on the ABC's Bush Telegraph

The winner of this years Bush Telegraph national 'Australian Rural Icon' competition was the Arkaroola Sanctuary.

Now the sanctuary is back on the ABC - but in circumstances they would would rather have avoided.

Hear Arkaroola's Marg Sprigg and Marathon Resources' Stuart Hall discuss the proposed Mount Gee Uranium mine on the ABC Radio National Website, whether as an mp3 download or via streaming.

(the program dated Wed 3rd of October)

I will be in the district all next week, and hope to be able to provide my own photographs of the target area.


  1. Interesting that Stuart Hall didn't rule out a road or "conveyor" being installed at the edge of the Sanctuary to cart the ore from the underground mine to the processing area proposed outside the Sanctuary. It really makes it difficult to believe his claims of commitment to the wilderness values of the place.

  2. I certainly noted that too, Damon, and this was a significant revision of the 'definitely tunnel only' position he took with The Wilderness Society, the ACF, and I in a meeting with him only the week before!

    To me this just confirms the 'ockham's razor' obvious - don't allow the proposal in the first place, and you don't get any nasty shocks when it turns out that the investors demand conveyors and haulage roads across the sanctuary.

    The major investors being, we were informed, a Queensland coal magnate and the Chinese Government! Not exactly comforting from the perspective of the local environment...

  3. Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary's official web site has now been updated with a page on the issue, the media release previously posted by Bill and a very informative page abount Mount Gee itself (certainly details on that page I didn't know and most useful for helping to convince friends/family/colleagues about the importance of this issue!)


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