Friday, September 14, 2007

first response; environment minister not responsible...

Arrived 14/09/2007

"Dear Mr. Doyle,

On behalf of Gail Gago MLC, Minister for Environment and Conservation, thank you for your email concerning mining in Arkaroola Sanctuary.

While the Minister appreciates receiving your letter, I advise that this matter falls within the portfolio responsibility of Hon Paul Holloway MLC, Minister for Mineral Resources Development and your correspondence has been forwarded to that office for consideration.

Denise Kean
A/Office Manager to the Minister for Environment and Conservation

In response to correspondence available below: now is the write time! - run marathon off


  1. Yeah, got mine today too.

    Quite amazing that the environment minister is "not responsible" in the matter of a mining company potentially destroying this state's #1 ecotourism icon... What a strange State it is in which we live *sigh*

  2. I await with interest the Premier replying to tell us the same thing!

    Given his frequent personal interventions in matters that are properly the domain of the Courts, and his rapid personal intervention to terminate the prospect of any Uranium mine on the Fleurieu last year, I' don't think he's going to be persuasive!

    Plus, even without the absurdity of the Environment Minister claiming powerlessness to intervene in this landmark Wilderness Sanctuary, the Environmental Protection Authority is responsible for the monitoring and supervision of actual and potential Uranium mines, and that's part of the Minister's portfolio

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  4. Correspondence from The Hon Paul Holloway, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, personally signed and dated 15/10/07:

    Dear Mr Schultz

    Thank you for your letters dated 6 August 2007 to the Hon Mike Rann MP, premier, my Ministerial Colleagues [sic] concerning proposed uranium mining at Mt Gee, within the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. As this matter falls within my portfolio of responsibilities, I am responding on behalf of the State Government

    As you would know Marathon Resources is the operator of Mineral Exploration Licence EL3258 in the Northern Flinders Ranges and is exploring for uranium as part of a program of upgrading previous resource estimates on deposits around Mount Gee in accordance with provisions under the Mining Act 1971.

    The Northern Flinders Ranges are widely recognised for their unique environmental, geological, landscape and conservation values. In recognition of the environmental sensitivies of the region, the Department of Primary Industries and Resources (PIRSA) closely monitors and regulates all exploration companies operating in the region, including Marathon Resources' exploration program and activities on EL3258.

    Mount Gee of course is located in the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, an internationally recognised eco-tourism area, The Sanctuary has been managed since the 1960s as a conservation sanctuary and eco-tourism facility. I am also aware that Arkaroola has also established a reputation within the international scientific community and supports research activity in the zoological, ecological, geological and astronomical sciences.

    Arkaroola is leased from the Crown on a pastoral lease administered under the provisions of South Australia's Pastoral Land Management and Conservation act 1989. It has been declared a Sanctuary under South Australia's National Parks and Wildlife Act 1971.

    Arkaroola and EL3258 are located within Environmental Class A Zone in the Development Plan for Land not within a Council Area (Flinders) under the provisions of South Australia's Development Act 1993. Whilst not precluding mining activity, the guidelines for Class A Zone are specific in regard to the identification and management of environmental sensitivies should a mining proposal be submiteed for consideration by the South Australian Government.

    At this stage the company has not submitted a mining proposal for this site to the South Australian Government.

    To do so the Government would require that the company provide a comprehensive and detailed description of environmental, social and economic risks and benefits of the proposed operation. This would enable the South Australian Government in consultation with all stakeholders, the community and the Australian Government to make an informed, risk based and balanced judgement about the proposed operation and the major impacts on the surrounding community and the heritage and environmental values.

    As part of the Government's commitment to full consultation with the community on mining developments, the Government would require all relevant stakeholder including landholders and land users, local business and tourism operators and Government agencies to be directly consulted on any new mining proposal.

    The South Australian Government is committed to ensuring the responsible development of the State's mineral resources and a full and transparent consulation process. We are also committed to generating wealth and employment opportunities whilst safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all South Australian's [sic] and protecting the environment in which we live.

    Please note that an Exploration Licence (EL) only permits a company to undertake authorised exploration activity and does not in any way grant permission to mine.

    Thank you for your submission and be assured that your letter will be considered as part of the Government's consultation and assessment of any mining proposal it may receive.

    Yours sincerely


    Paul Holloway
    Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council
    Minister for Police
    Minister for Mineral Resources Development
    Minister for Urban Development and Planning


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