Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ABC news - Federal Govt. 'shouldn't consider' mines' long-term impact

Australian Broadcasting Corporation News online
22nd August 2007

[ Emphasis added by Bill Doyle. Otherwise this is such a blatant example of the kind of high-handed arrogance going hand-in-hand with breath-taking ignorance we have come to expect from this federal government on matters of the environment that further comment is scarcely required! ]

"The Federal Government is fighting legal action from a lobby group, which alleges it has failed to properly assess the Anvil Hill coal mine in the New South Wales upper Hunter Valley.

The Federal Government approved the mine, west of Muswelbrook, after the State Government gave the project the go-ahead last month.

The Anvil Hill Project Watch Association has challenged the decision in the Federal Court, alleging the Government has failed to recognise a link between the mine and global warming.

But lawyers for the Government have argued the mine's emissions will be insignificant and will not contribute substantially to global warming.

They have also argued the Government is not obliged to consider the cumulative impact that coal mines like Anvil Hill may have on the environment.

The court is expected to hand down a decision next month."


original ABC News article

anvil hill alliance

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